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Who's Who in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

Who's Who in Spider-Man: Homecoming?

The Cast

By now you're aware of the large, talented and diverse cast of Spider-Man: Homecoming that seems to be growing daily. It's fitting for a John Hughes inspired film, focusing on a high school character, to have such a sprawling cast. Anyone interested in this film should be encouraged by the large roster of talent being gathered.

So who are they all playing? Other than the few obvious names, we've yet to be given much information regarding the roles in play. Not that this should be that surprising given it's Marvel Studios running the show this time. They have a well-deserved reputation for secrecy. However, over the last week or so I've received some information pertaining to some of the characters we'll be seeing and who will play them.

I personally don't consider this type of information to be spoilery but if you do, turn back now. Much of the cast still remains a secret but let's get into the info that's been shared with me.

The Characters

Based on the information I've received:

As of now, it sounds as if Laura Harrier is playing Elizabeth "Liz" Allan. Liz Allan first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 and was first named in The Amazing Spider-Man #4 (1963). She's a supporting character that has consistent interactions with Peter Parker, Flash Thompson and Spider-Man. Her character is often a love interest of Parker's and Thompson's but also routinely participates in the public ridicule of Peter Parker.

Speaking of Allan, I've learned her mother will be appearing in the film and played by Garcelle Beauvais. I wasn't given a name so I don't know if this is Doris Raxton, her step-mother, or another version of the character. Either way, it sounds as if both Liz and her mom will be featured in the film.

Tony Revolori is apparently playing Flash Thompson. Revolori's character has been of much discussion because when first reported he was supposedly playing the character "Manuel." Was Manuel just a cover? I don't know. However, my information details that Revolori is indeed playing the classic Flash. Like Allan, Flash first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 and has been a mainstay for decades. This character, and how he fits into the larger long-term MCU, is something I plan on writing more about later. For now, it appears that Peter Parker's famous bully will be brought to life in the film by Revolori.

I don't know much about Martin Starr's character except that he's apparently playing a teacher at Peter's school. This also appears to be the case of Selenis Leyva, who I'm told, is Peter's science teacher.

So what's the deal with Zendaya? I expected her character's supposed name, "Michelle," to also be a cover. However, as of now, it appears Michelle is indeed her character's name. Filming just began so we'll see if anything changes with this one.

Lastly, how about some info regarding a villain? Not long ago it was reported that Bokeem Woodbine had joined the film as a villain. So what villain? Woodbine is apparently Herman Schultz. Schultz is know as The Shocker, who first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man #46. The Shocker is a life-long criminal that uses his gauntlets, that project extremely compressed air, as a dangerous weapon.

(Update) I've more recently learned about a new actor added to the cast and the possibility of another classic Spider-Man character appearing in the film! (Click Here)

Well, there you go! Let's hope Marvel releases a press release soon confirming these characters and revealing many more!


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