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Spider-Man: Homecoming Update

Spider-Man: Homecoming Update


Homecoming has been filming for three months now and is getting closer to it's wrap date. There's a few small items that have popped up over the last couple weeks that I've discussed on Twitter but have yet to write about. I decided to mention them all together here for those who may have been unaware. I'm also fortunate enough to share some extra pics from the helicopter stunt that was filmed over the weekend. These are somewhat fuzzy but closer up than most of the others you've seen already. Thanks to our friendly neighborhood Spidey photographer, Atlanta Filming for allowing me to share these with you first. But first...

European Hotel

The Homecoming production recently filmed (in Atlanta) a scene depicting a hotel located somewhere in Europe. Unfortunately, I don't know who's in the scene or what country in Europe but it's interesting to ponder what or who this might relate to. The scene is most likely short and won't eat up much screen time. The scene being related to Tony Stark seems a likely option but anything is possible right now.

East India 

There was also a scene (again, shot in Atlanta) that depicted East India. It's a street scene involving a temple. This scene is also small in film but even more interesting than a European location. What could East India have to do with Spidey or a supporting character? There's a few possibilities based on the comics but it's all speculation at the moment. 

The film will be Peter Parker and New York City heavy but it's hard not to wonder what ties Europe and India into the film, however short the scenes may be. 


Filming has approximately three weeks remaining. The remaining cast's departure to NYC should be imminent with filming beginning early next week in Astoria.  That should allow for up to a couple of weeks in NYC. The good news is that we're very close to the film wrapping and post-production beginning. That being said, there's also been talk about a couple of other unknown locations. There's a lot of questions about these other possible locations. Were are they? Have they already been shot or is that yet to come? Is it possible this is second unit work? 

The question everyone has been asking about it is when will we see a trailer. The film transitioning into post pushes us closer to the first trailers debut but I still wouldn't expect it anytime soon. If Marvel maintains it's typical trailer schedule from the last few years, a January debut for the trailer seems most likely. I charted possible release dates for all MCU films here

However, with Sony distributing this film and Marvel Studios releasing three films in one year for the first time, we could see a different approach. 

Helicopter Stunt 

Over the weekend we saw video and pics from the helicopter stunt scene. A Spidey stunt double was seen swinging from the helicopter with three separte women on three separate occasions. The ladies seen with Spidey are stunt doubles themselves but it begs the question: Who are they doubling for? I don't know the characters involved but I've learned it's possible at least one of them is a double for a known character and not simply a random person.

Below are a few more yet to be seen pics from the stunt. The images are a bit grainy but give us a few nice close ups.

Spider-Man: Homecoming stars Tom Holland, is directed by Jon Watts and released July 7th, 2017.


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